Page 1: Background to the survey

The purpose of this survey is to:

Capture key information on Community Education provision in Northern Ireland (2021-2022). Findings will be disseminated in a project report, which you will be able to use for your advocacy for adult learning. 

Your response will also contribute to a virtual map demonstrating the breadth of provision across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and will supplement research undertaken in the AONTAS "CEN Census 2020: Community Education in a Time of COVID-19". 

Completing the survey:

In this survey we are seeking to gather information in the following main areas:

  • Number of adult learners engaging in your courses (age 18+)
  • Available courses
  • Funding streams
  • Target groups
  • Learner supports
  • Links with Further and Higher Education

There are also questions addressing the impact of COVID-19 on learning provision and the impact of the cost of living crisis.

Data is being gathered for the period of September 2021 to August 2022.

If you have all relevant data to hand, the survey should take around 45 minutes to complete. You can navigate backwards and forwards using the tabs "Previous" and "Next" at the bottom of each page. 

You can save your response and return to complete at a later stage using the "Finish Later" buttton also at the bottom of each page. 

Please submit your response before 16 March 2023.

GDPR notice:

Responses to this survey will be anonymised; the raw data will not be shared beyond the organisation and project partners. Responses to this survey will be retained by the organisation until the next iteration of the survey, at which point, data will be used comparatively. 

Thank you:

While questions are optional we ask that you fill out as much detail as possible.The more information we get the more effective our research will be. We are conscious that this is an incredibly busy time for all community education organisations and greatly appreciate you taking the time to participate.

1.1. I confirm that I am a provider of community learning/education based in Northern Ireland. Required
2.2. I confim that I am happy for AONTAS to process my data, as described above Required